Simple Crypto Masternode Manager

Modern cryptocurrency networks no longer need to put people’s funds at risk in order to operate their masternodes. Similar to cold staking, Flare gives users mobile masternode control on these more advanced networks while maintaining complete control over both the collateral amount as well as the rewards they generate.

Masternodes in a nutshell

Masternodes are well known for their profitability along with their expense in the form of collateral. Their function in a particular network may vary, but in all cases, certain tasks are only allowed to be handled by a masternode. Such tasks can include keeping a complete record of the entire blockchain, validating and adding new blocks to the chain, or providing specialized functionality for the network.

In exchange for providing these exclusive and often essential services, masternodes are rewarded quite well with either newly created coins, fees for specific operations, or both.

The NIX Ghostnode

Using Flare, managing the NIX utility-driven crypto masternode couldn’t be any easier. After moving your 40K NIX to a ghostnode address to be used as collateral, you can use the manager to quickly connect to your own VPS or a node hosting provider. Once set up, you can check in on it anytime, anywhere, with just a couple of taps on the screen.. all while having your rewards sent directly to your Flare wallet giving you the convenience to spend or cold stake your new additional funds quickly and easily.

Here's some of our feedback

  • There is a great deal of potential in this wallet - the interface is clear with a good layout.  Having a multi-currency crypto wallet that simultaneously works on my PC and android phone is really helpful.
  • Wallet is amazing...groundbreaking achievement - you can stake with your mobile, swap many coins, send/receive, and even set up a mobile masternode all from the same wallet

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