Make Use of Crypto Staking via Mobile

Storing your coins in a mobile wallet shouldn’t disqualify you from allowing your funds to work for you. Convenience and utility should not be mutually exclusive, and if you are holding coins that are eligible for PoS cold staking, Flare will support it.

Staking couldn’t be easier in Flare Mobile. Simply choose a staking merchant from the address list, enter your amount into the staking screen and start the staking contract.
Larger contracts mean you’re more likely to hit stakes with the APY/ROI typically averaging around around 8%+.

Passive Income with Trustless Cold Staking

As an easy to use mobile crypto wallet, Flare makes it effortless for you to earn passive income with supported Proof of Stake coins that allow what is broadly referred to as cold staking. Unlike traditional crypto staking, cold staking essentially allows users the ability to spend coins with one wallet while staking on another.

While the technical details differ from coin to coin, they all utilize a smart contract of some sort so that you, the owner of the coins, never gives up possession or control over your funds while at the same time a provider is granted permission to stake on your behalf for an agreed upon fee.

Easy To Use Staking Manager

With Flare, creating these cold staking contracts is made even more simple and reliable by including an address book of providers. After selecting your chosen provider from the list, the address book autofills in all required fields for you – all you have to do is enter in how much of your balance you wish to stake and tap on the Stake button.

Here's some of our feedback

  • There is a great deal of potential in this wallet - the interface is clear with a good layout.  Having a multi-currency crypto wallet that simultaneously works on my PC and android phone is really helpful.
  • Wallet is amazing...groundbreaking achievement - you can stake with your mobile, swap many coins, send/receive, and even set up a mobile masternode all from the same wallet

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