High Level Privacy Crypto Wallet

We’re serious about privacy. Enhanced security features such as biometric logins, single-use addresses and Tor onion routing compliment the future release of private atomic swaps via the NIX Ghost Protocol, providing the strongest privacy for any integrated coin.

Attaining the best wallet privacy begins with device security. To guard against unauthorized physical access, all stored data (including metadata) is encrypted using your strong passphrase. An optional biometric login can also be used to gain quick and secure access to your wallet.

Network Data Security

In today’s technological world, blockchain analytics is an option to those with considerable knowledge or resources. By leveraging the use of TOR onion routing and single-use HD addresses, Flare’s network privacy enhancements help to obfuscate your public, on-chain transactional data.

Privatizing Swaps and Transactions

If complete privacy is your goal, Flare will soon utilize the Nix Ghost Protocol to optionally privatize your on-chain swaps and transactions. Beginning with ERC-20 tokens, users will be able to own and exchange their favorite tokens privately.

When it comes to crypto wallet privacy, Flare delivers.

Here's some of our feedback

  • There is a great deal of potential in this wallet - the interface is clear with a good layout.  Having a multi-currency crypto wallet that simultaneously works on my PC and android phone is really helpful.
  • Wallet is amazing...groundbreaking achievement - you can stake with your mobile, swap many coins, send/receive, and even set up a mobile masternode all from the same wallet

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Latest Version 1.0.22

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