The Most Secure Multi Coin Crypto Wallet

You have a choice when deciding which wallet to use — and of all the factors to consider, security is the single most important consideration. Because Flare utilizes all of the best security practices, you can rest assured that every aspect of your multi coin crypto wallet is safe. By also adhering to well-established compatibility standards, you’ll never have to rely on any single wallet in order to access your funds.

Device Security

It begins by encrypting and storing your mnemonic seed phrase directly on your device, and at no time is this data ever transmitted elsewhere. Even your meta data is encrypted, making everything indecipherable to would-be attackers and data harvesters.

In addition to the default use of a passphrase, the Flare Mobile Wallet optionally supports biometric identity verification if the hardware is available on the device. The use of a screen blur is also used when switching between apps, similar to other security conscious banking applications.


While all of these precautions make for an extremely secure crypto currency wallet, you also get peace of mind knowing that your Flare Wallet adheres to important seed phrase and address handling industry standards.

BIP-32 defines how a Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) wallet functions. Put simply, this allows every generated address to be based on a single master key, allowing the wallet to create a constant stream of new and unique receive addresses for every new transaction.

BIP-39 creates a 512 bit BIP-32 master seed using 12 randomised words from a list of 1024, which also includes support for multiple languages.

BIP-44 is a specific implementation of BIP-32 which further allows a master key the ability to handle not only multiple coins, but also multiple accounts.

Putting all of this together enables you the ability to use your 12 word mnemonic seed phrase in any BIP-32/39/44 compatible wallet in order to access the entirety of your funds no matter how many different coins you hold or how many accounts you’ve created.

Here's some of our feedback

  • There is a great deal of potential in this wallet - the interface is clear with a good layout.  Having a multi-currency crypto wallet that simultaneously works on my PC and android phone is really helpful.
  • Wallet is amazing...groundbreaking achievement - you can stake with your mobile, swap many coins, send/receive, and even set up a mobile masternode all from the same wallet

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