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Flare delivers you the most advanced wallet swap service while at the same time keeping the process simple and familiar. Swapping your coins in the Flare wallet gives you the best prices from not just one swap service, but from a combination of any integrated exchanges with the sole purpose of getting you the best price.

What Are Instant Swap Exchanges?

A typical instant swap service can be thought of as a limited centralized exchange where users can make instant coin conversions based on current market values. There are several such exchanges available to the cryptocurrency community, and most do not require KYC for small and moderately sized swaps. Typically speaking, the only restriction involves a minimum amount of coins or assets to swap.

Instant swap providers will charge their own fees and often maintain partnerships with other exchanges in order to provide liquidity for trading pairs. Because of this, each exchange will offer their own best exchange rate.

Our Approach

Flare’s in-wallet swapping takes into account individual liquidity and fees for each exchange. For small amounts, your swap will likely be done using just one service, whichever offers the single best rate.

For larger swaps, our custom price aggregator has the ability to distribute your order across multiple exchanges. By spreading your order across the entire combined liquidity pool, you know you’re getting the most favorable swap possible with the minimal amount of ‘slippage’.

Here's some of our feedback

  • There is a great deal of potential in this wallet - the interface is clear with a good layout.  Having a multi-currency crypto wallet that simultaneously works on my PC and android phone is really helpful.
  • Wallet is amazing...groundbreaking achievement - you can stake with your mobile, swap many coins, send/receive, and even set up a mobile masternode all from the same wallet

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